La Nouvelle Herboristerie
Sophie Chatelier, creator and producer of beauty and health treatments made with original wild organically grown medical plants

100% natural products, handmade in Nice

Beauty and health crafted herbal products
Powerful and revitalizing 100% easy to use natural blends


À propos de "Duo Divine"

"Incroyable duo ! On devient très très vite accro à la douceur et la légèreté de la brume, qui parfume délicatement la peau, et on a l’impression que notre peau appelle l’huile et la savoure : un bien-être etonnant nous transforme ainsi le visage : la peau redevient paisible, heureuse, douce…. Au départ prévue pour n’être mis que la nuit, j’utilise aussi le duo le matin, tellement je suis devenue accro ! A tenter absolument !"

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Quality comes first

Great care is paid to product quality: organically grown and ethically wild crafted plants, short and local produce cycle.

All products are personally handmade.

By using extremely high quality products, you will deeply connect not only with Mother Nature but also
with your personal nature, positively contributing to your beauty and liveliness, building a respectful and
sustainable economy.

100% organic products

My formulas ingredients are 100% purely organic !

Time-limited production cycles

The ingredients I use for my blends are provided by small local quality focused producers located not far from my creative laboratory.


All my products are personally handmade in my creative laboratory in Nice.

Je participe régulièrement à  des salons
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coffret allergies


The perfect partner against pollen caused disorders!


For Men

A fortifying, nourishing dynamic booster for your inner and outer natural beauty

coffret tout mon amour lnh

Love potion

A stimulating blend to see life through ... rose-tinted lenses!

le coffret King Size et le collier Rose

King Size Beauty

Beauty boost
Thanks to plants

Zen (Copier)
Zen Express

A calming centering blend to soothe frazzled nerves and relax the hyperactive

Purif (Copier)

The appropriate treatment for general detox

Creme (Copier)
Beauty moisturizer

100% natural face moisturizer

Après l'effort - image produit - La Nouvelle Herboristerie
Post work-out treatment

Ultra rapid pain relief treatment

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For Men

A fortifying, nourishing dynamic booster!

Pure flower waters

The pure flower waters from the Maritime Alps!

Scented oils

The perfect combination of pleasant scents and essential oils benefits

Duo Divine

The new ritual of beauty for your night face treatment