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The best seasonal cleanse ever !

Are you feeling clumsy and dizzy? Do you suffer from headaches? Are you a little overweight? This is the right moment for an Antidote treatment! Deeply cleanse your organs while boosting your health and shape.

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  • 25 g kraft bag


Drinking herbal tea is a simple daily ritual for wellbeing and health boosting everyone can easily perform, with different features based on varied actions and tastes. Its benefits are easily and rapidly assimilated by the body. Moreover drinking herbal tea improves the quantity of water daily consumed, thus increasing body draining and toxin flushing.

Antidote herbal tea is a blend of delicate bitter plants, very well known for their liver and gall bladder treating properties. These purifying and draining plants’ action perfectly results in the most effective detoxifying action. For preventive care, start treatment at the beginning of spring or autumn. In case of metabolic storage disease, start immediately.

For a soothing and lighter detoxifying action,  Métamorphosis herbal tea (Tisane Metamorphose) is treatment is highly recommended.

How to use

  • Infusion : for the first days of treatment, pour a tbsp into boiling water, then let the infusion rest for 10 minutes. Filter and then drink
  • Decoction: for stronger results, pour a tbsp of selected herbs into 300 ml water, boil during 1 minute, then extinguish fire and let the infusion rest for 10 minutes.  Filter and then drink.

For a sweeter taste, add lemon juice drops or honey.

Please ask your herbal expert for advice.


A blend of nettle, Gentian, ash tree, blackcurrant, Genever, elecampane, eldelberry.

Please consider that the herbs used for this product are originally grown and ethically wild crafted  based on the seasonal harvest mainly from Brittany and the Alpes maritimes region, being  in perfect drying and storage conditions of packaging. This herbal tea is 100 % handmade.

Additional products

Purification, for a vital detox action! For long lasting results, treatment must be done before or after the Antidote herbal tea treatment.

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Weight 43 g

25g, 50g


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