Everest herbal tea – Tisane de l’Everest


Savory ~ Cassis ~ lime ~ white broth ~ poppy ~ Lichen of Iceland ~ Marshmallow.

The natural, the poppy and the marshmallow to smooth, savory, blackcurrant and lichen of Iceland to revive and protect. Ideal to take care of her throat and her bronchi.
A delicious aroma for a herbal tea that blends efficiency and fun!

Please consider that the herbs used for this product are originally grown and ethically wild crafted  based on the seasonal harvest mainly from Brittany and the Maritime Alps region, being  in perfect drying and storage conditions of packaging, This herbal tea is produced using 100 % organically grown and ethically wild crafted plants throughout all its processing.


Herbal tea is the basis of herbal products. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the plants, which are derived from organic agriculture or wild pickings in environments protected good conservation and drying conditions.

For its excellent bioavailability, herbal tea is a health and wellness simple ritual to achieve daily and accessible to all, with many possible variations of action and taste.
It has the advantage of do us drink and improves drainage and the elimination of the body functions.

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Weight 43 g

25g, 50g


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