Zen Express

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Do you feel overstressed? Is that a burnout you’re having?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands? Are you hypersensitive or are you simply overworking?

Zen Express can help and support you.

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  • Glass bottle – available in 2 sizes: 30 ml and 50 ml for a treatment of a 1 month period
  • For a treatment of 1 to 3 months
  • For both adults and children
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Did you have a bad night sleep due to troubles? Are you going to have a super important meeting? Are you scared by your school and university results?

Are you addicted to chocolate and cannot do without it? Have you always suffered from food cravings?

In all the above mentioned cases, and in many others, Zen Express can help and support you.

How to use

Pour about thirty drops of product  in a glass of fresh water, morning and night for one month to  deeply impact your nervous system and whenever confronted with a stressful situation in order to manage events with peace and a clear sightedness. Plant extracts-based food supplement.

A daily treatment on a 1 to 3 months’ period offers deep results and will make you feel less tense and more objective vis-à-vis useless anxieties. Thus better managing overwhelming fatigue.

Usage precautions: Never exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet. Not recommended in pregnancy unless medically indicated.


Aqua, Alcohol, Agave americana syrup, Ficus carica bud extract, flower elixirs.

100% organically grown and ethically wild crafted herbs, mainly from the Alps and Alpes-Maritimes.

Additional products

For a burnout condition, I highly recommend the powerful combination of Zen express and  the Superman herbal tea (Tisane Superman : medical leaf, fruit and root for morning infusion) to boost physical and emotional  endurance, as well as the relaxing balm for morning and night application, helping relaxation of muscles stressed by internal discomfort.

For sleep and restless sleep, I recommend the Sun setting herbal tea (tisane Soleil couchant) as a valid support to relaxation.

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Zen express 30mL, Zen Express 50 mL, Zen express renforcé +++ 50mL


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