Blood Circulation booster and weight reducing compound


For incredibly all-year lightweight legs even at the end of your busy day. The perfect mix to daily boost your circulatory and lymphatic system every single day.

  • 50 ml glass bottle
  • For a 1 month treatment (50 ml)



A blend of chestnut and horse chestnut, hazel and Ginkgo tree bud macerates, well known as venous and lymphatic circulation boosters as well as spider vein protectors, this treatment is the best to support your legs, giving them a light weight and beautiful effect (against cellulite, water retention, blood capillary system disorders), thus reducing pain and heaviness especially when appearing during warm and humid seasons, or simply caused by fatigue, and limiting end-of-the-day leg swelling. This product action decreases the spider veins permeability though increasing their resistance.

How to use

As a prevention effect : pour 25 to 45 drops in 1 large glass of fresh water once a day for a 1 month period.

As a healing effect : pour 25 to 45 drops in 1 large glass of fresh water 3 times per day for a 1 month time treatment
Plant based food supplement.

Precaution of use: do not exceed 150 drops daily. This product does not replace a varied and balanced diet. Not recommended for blood thinning, antidepressant medication users, pregnant and breastfeeding patients, do not use without your doctor’s advice.


Gem therapy macerate based blend*: Water, Alcohol, Mel, Aesculus hippocastanum gemmae*, Castanea sativa gemmae*, Corylus avellana gemmae*, Ginkgo biloba gemmae*, Flower elixirs*

*organically grown

How to use : Pour 25 to 40 drops into a large glass of fresh water, 1 to 3 times per day.

100 % organically grown and ethically wild crafted herbs, mainly from the Alps and Alps-Maritimes. No glycerin.

Additional products

Red vine Muse herbal tea, is perfect to get hydrated and has marvelous diuretic and circulatory effects.

Horse chestnut tree draining balm  is the ideal treatment to complete the Circulatory and thinning compound effect, promotes venous and lymphatic system relief. Apply this ointment daily, stimulating small vessels tone. For light and revitalized legs.

Additional information

Weight 125 g

100 mL, 50 mL


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