Immunity & Pain

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    Lithothamnion – Lithothamne

    5.00 TTC

    Prevents acidity disorders

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    Mineral Booster – Renforcement minéral

    32.00 TTC

    Oil up your cogs !

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    Urinary comfort remedy – Confort urinaire et génital

    21.0031.00 TTC

    Frequently subjected to urinary tract infections?

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    31.00 TTC

    Stop to pollen caused disorders!

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    Kid’s bruise balm – Baume antichoc enfant

    20.0034.00 TTC

    Pour tous les chocs et coups

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    Flower Box “Trio de Baumes”

    35.00 TTC

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    Flower Box “Même Pas Mal”

    55.0080.00 TTC

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    Magik Moskito – Magik Moustik

    25.00 TTC

    The perfect partner for your summer nights !

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    Flower Box “Small Cocoon”

    65.00 TTC

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    Flexibility – Flexibilité

    31.00 TTC

    Are you stiff and feeling pain ? Shake off the rust!

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    Post-workout analgesic body oil – Après l’effort

    35.0050.00 TTC

    Soothing and boosting effects for your tense and sore body!

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    Ash tree soothing balm – Baume Apaisant au frêne

    20.0034.00 TTC

    A pain prevention activity

  • Image produit - Baume Belle Peau - La Nouvelle HerboristerieSelect options

    Beautiful skin balm – Belle Peau

    20.0034.00 TTC

    All the best for a glowing and beautiful skin

  • Image produit - Tisane de l'Everest - La Nouvelle HerboristerieAdd to basket

    Everest herbal tea – Tisane de l’Everest

    9.50 TTC

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    Protection for the whole family – Protection pour toute la famille

    35.0050.00 TTC

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    Winter protection care – Protection hivernale

    31.00 TTC

    A germ protection shield