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How could you possibly face stressful situations, emotional and physical burnout periods?

Well, that’s possible thanks to Superman! An ideal herbal tea for those hyperactive sensitive souls who need to overcome stress and fatigue.

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  • 50 g kraft bag
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Drinking herbal tea is a simple daily ritual for wellbeing and health boosting everyone can easily perform, with different features based on varied actions and tastes. Its benefits are easily and rapidly assimilated by the body. Moreover drinking herbal tea improves the quantity of water daily consumed, thus increasing body draining and toxin flushing.

Superman herbal tea is a blend of plants with high level adaptogenic properties, best adapting your body to external aggressive behaviors, such as stress for example. Perfect for adults and teen agers, especially during exams, contests and hard work routine. And a mentholated fragrance gives this tea a special taste !

How to use

Decoction: pour a coffee spoon of selected herbs into 300 ml water, boil during 1 minute, then extinguish fire and let the infusion rest for 10 minutes. Filter and then drink, better if in the morning. Avoid drinking it too late, it may hinder sleep.


Rosehip, Siberian Ginseng (or Eleuthérococcus), peppermint. Please consider that all the herbs used for this product are originally grown and ethically wild crafted  based on the seasonal harvest and on perfect drying and storage conditions of packaging. This herbal tea is 100 % handmade.

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