Beautiful skin balm – Belle Peau

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Skincare is essential

Is your skin victim of acne, allergic rash, swelling and blemishes? Your face and body deserve a smooth and supple skin, natural radiance, and an escape from most of the skin maladies flushing out toxins and preventing pimples and skin eruptions.  

Fragrance free, the Beautiful skin balm nurtures, repairs and revitalizes hypersensitive skins at all ages!

Product details

  • Glass jar – available in 2 sizes: 30 ml and 50 ml
  • Body balm


The Beautiful skin balm is fragrance and essential oil free. Perfect for babies and for reactive and fragrance allergic skins.

It is highly recommended for preventing pimples and skin eruptions, soothing rash and blemishes and boosting dry and damaged skins. Its oily texture makes it ideal for massages too.

Last but not least, its magic formula promotes stretch marks prevention and reduction thanks to a regular and mindful application !

How to use

Apply with no limits on dry and irritated areas, wrinkles, spots.


A blend of Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Calendula officinalis alcoholic extract, Cera alba, Propolis extract, Bach flower elixirs made with 100% organically grown and ethically wild crafted herbs.

Additional products

Zen Express is highly recommended for hypersensitive skins and particularly suitable for people with skin dermatitis.

For best results on juvenile skins, add the Purification treatment to the balm effect.

Additional information

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30mL, 50mL, 30mL boite cadeau, 50mL boite cadeau


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