Just for kids herbal tea


A must have all purposes herbal tea combining aromatic thyme – an excellent immune booster – with poppy and matricaria – well known to promote good digestion and relaxation. This delicate scented herbal tea is highly appreciated by younger and older kids who love drinking it every day morning to evening.

  • 25 g kraft bag
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Drinking herbal tea is a simple daily ritual for wellbeing and health boosting everyone can easily perform, with different features based on varied actions and tastes. Its benefits are easily and rapidly assimilated by the body. Moreover drinking herbal tea improves the quantity of water daily consumed, thus increasing body draining and toxin flushing.

How to use

Pour ½ tsp of blend into a mug, cover then let the infusion rest for 5 to 10 minutes, filter and then drink. Drink 1 to 3 mugs per day in the morning and during the whole day


A blend of thyme, poppy, Matricaria.

Please consider that all the herbs used for this product are originally grown and ethically wild crafted based on the seasonal harvest from Brittany and the Alpes maritimes region, being in perfect drying and storage conditions of packaging. This herbal tea is 100 % handmade.

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