Summit Herbal Tea


Itchy throat? Need to soften the voice and soothe the cough?




The Summits herbal tea is softening of the respiratory tract, tonic & fortifying, particularly in case of stuffy nose and throat. It will also contribute to good digestion.

You will appreciate it daily for the sweetness of marshmallow and pine buds, the respiratory comfort provided by eucalyptus leaves and the infectious and nervous relief of marjoram.

Herbal tea is a health and well-being ritual that is simple to perform on a daily basis and accessible to everyone, with many possible variations of action and taste. Its benefits are easily and quickly assimilated by the body. It also has the advantage of making us drink and improving the drainage and elimination functions of the body.

Suitable for adults and children.

Using advice

For a large cup, cover half a teaspoon (a pinch) of the mixture with boiling water, cover and let steep for 5 to 10 minutes then strain.

Drink 1 to 3 cups a day at any time of the day. For children, the quantities will be less.


Eucalyptus, pine buds, Marjoram, marshmallow and liquorice

Particular attention is paid to the choice of seasonal plants, their quality, all from organic farming or wild picking in protected environments, and their good drying and storage conditions. From picking to bagging, the herbal tea is 100% handmade.

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