Box “Maxi Booster”


The MAXI-BOOSTER box is perfect for urban hyper speeds, in the heat of the action a bit stressed and always! It includes:

  • 1 zen express 30ml (drinking drops in water) to relax quickly and let go of taken
  • 1 tea Superman 50g to drink in the morning for its tonic and adaptogenic plants
  • 1 scented oil Force inner 30ml to motivate themselves in the morning and keep a positive energy foolproof to apply on the skin and massage as a fragrance on the energy points.
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This is the magic kit to stay zen and adapt to very active periods! For himself or to offer…

I selected these 3 products which gave great satisfaction to many people, men & women since I manufacture. Their use in synergy brings you greater efficiency and always fun!

All 100% natural and caring,

INFO regulation OPTIONS: you can pay directly by credit card, even if the procedure only refers to a Paypal account, follow to the end and you will have the choice!

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Weight 253 g


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