1 hour individual consultation

70.00 100.00 

This price includes your personalized bottle of Dr. Bach Flower Essence.

Tailor-made solutions for your form, your emotional and relational balance, your well-being, your regeneration and your beauty with medicinal plants and flower elixirs.

Suitable for adults and children.

I also receive for your animal friends.



Our 1-hour dialogue will allow you to compose your personalized floral elixir for a 21-day cure.

Dr. Bach’s Flowers are a complete therapeutic system, which restores emotional balance and provides well-being to body and mind, on a daily basis and in difficult times, stressful and transitional situations.

Dr. Bach Flowers also help stimulate your potential.

They are a gentle and effective support, 100% natural and without interaction with any treatments.

In a serious, confidential and benevolent setting, this consultation is made for you if you wish to:

  • Overcome increased fatigue, stress, hypersensitivity, uncertainty, lack of confidence, discouragement,
  • To be accompanied gently and effectively to get through a period of change or overflow, a need for adaptation or evolution,
  • Bringing you comfort, balance on a daily basis,
  • Develop and fulfill your potential,
  • Soothe your emotions,
  • Balance your daily relationships,
  • Overcome your challenges and develop your positive potential!

Here are some issues that I frequently encounter today among the people who speak to me, perhaps you will feel concerned: Hyperactivity, anxiety (often linked to the period of Confinement and uncertainties) and the emotional sphere in general.

I particularly support so-called HP people, all ages are concerned, it’s eclectic, with a common core: increased sensitivity. And also specificities in learning and functioning modes, in relationships and emotional needs, DYS disorders, self-image and self-esteem.

Plants and flower essences are wonderful support for developing emotional intelligence, channeling emotions, facilitating left-brain/right-brain connections and regaining well-being and spontaneity.

Individual or parent-child consultations By appointment at my lab or remotely.

Flower essences are also suitable for our pet friends and can be useful for balancing certain behaviors. Do not hesitate to ask me for advice.

Using advice

The elixir is simply taken, in the form of drops to be drunk conscientiously every day, 4 drops 4 times a day, directly in the mouth or diluted in a glass of water.

It has no contraindications.

Complementary products

To soothe stress, Zen express and its fast action accompany you on a daily basis to take a step back and let go in 30 minutes.

Additional information

Type de consultation

Consultation normale (1h), Bilan complet (1h30)


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