Ultra light legs – Jambes légères


As light as a feather !

Do you have a feeling of heavy swelling painful legs?  By punctual taking or on a treatment basis, the Ultra light legs flower water alleviates both adults and teenagers’ pain. Bringing back comfort and ease !

Product details

  • 100 ml bottle
  • For a 10 days’ treatment


This is a perfect flower water especially crafted for those showing current ad chronic water retention disorders. Its drainage action stimulates blood and lymph circulation and relieves venous insufficiency restoring unswollen ankles and  lightweight legs.

Long standing conditions, heatwave, airplane trips, tropical weather…, are some cases in which Ultra light legs is highly recommended.

And don’t forget : this aromatic water can perfectly be used before and after a massage treatment in a beauty salon.

How to use

For a 10 day treatment, pour 1 tbs into a bottle of water, and drink every day during the whole day. Perfect before and during summer.

Or punctually taken before a « risky » situation.


100 % blackcurrant, Mastic tree, cypress and juniper based pure wild organic flower waters originating from Corsica and the Alpes Maritimes. Preservative free.

Additional products

For a surface action, the Horse Chestnut based draining body balm (Baume Drainant au Marronnier d’Inde) must be used, twice a day, providing a gentle massage from foot to knee; its delicate fragrance cocooning and relaxing your body and soul.

Additional information

Weight 215 g


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