Post-workout analgesic body oil – Après l’effort

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Are you an athlete embracing the eternal quest for optimum performance? Are you continuously challenging your body! Here is a perfect essential oil mix helping you relax and boosting blood circulation and helping achy muscles after a challenging session.

Product details

  • Spray cap and roll-on glass bottle, available in 30 ml or 50 ml
  • For a two months’ frequent use application


The Post work out oil is a must-have, never to leave home while exercising and hiking. Extremely effective for adults and teenagers with anti -inflammatory benefits and a chronic pain relief action.

Apply this anti-inflammatory herb based essential oil before and after sports sessions, marathons, hikes, this precious element helps promoting achy muscle recovery and avoiding soreness.

How to use

Locally apply up to three times a day, providing a gentle massage on the aching area or, before work out session on the stressed zone.


An Hypericum perforatum, Gaulthérie (wintergreen) and high altitude lavender based essential oil synergy, 100 % original wild organically grown herbs.

Additional products

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In case of extreme body stress, Mineral Reinforcement (Renforcement minéral) is the ideal treatment for a re-boosting care. Perfect for hard manual workers, demineralized subjects and sports addicted.


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30 mL, 50 mL


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