Ice Hydrolat


Is your daily fluids intake not enough ? Need a different drink than sodas?

  • 100ml glass bottle
  • Perfect for adults and kids’s use




Ice hydrolyte is a Grasse orange blossom scented refreshing healthy and delicious drink to be added to fresh water as a syrup (sugarless and with flower property benefits!)… an easy and useful winning alternative to sodas. Its sweet perfume combined with its relaxing action help you get well hydrated every single day of your healthy life.

Usage tips

As a refreshment drink : add 1 tsp of product to a glass of fresh water ; 1 to 3 times per day.

For better storage conditions, keep at a refrigerator temperature and do not exceed the shelf life as indicated on the bottle label.


A blend of Grasse orange blossom, lemon balm, spear or pepper mint. Organically grown wild biodynamical crafted herbs originating from the South of France.

Complementary products

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Additional information

Weight 215 g


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