N°2 Organic Cotton canvas beauty case with miniature natural products


  • A rich selection of beauty care treatment products

A brand new gift box consisting of miniature versions of my best selling facial care treatments for distress and beauty. Just organic herbs, for an incredible health boost. Beauty care products for facial and body treatments in a useful and convenient beauty case. !


The distress and beauty miniature organic cotton canvas case contains :

An Organic cotton canvas beauty case

A Rose scented ladies’ Tonic lotion  of 30ml

A Beautiful skin balm for facial and body treatment (perfume free) of 15ml

A Marseille honey soap bar



How to use

Spray the Rose scented tonic lotion tonic lotion on face and neck skin areas, morning and evening, after make-up removal or as a cleansing lotion . Let your moisturizing beauty skin care cream penetrate into your skin and apply with a gentle massage.

The Beautiful skin balm is fragrance and essential oil free. Perfect for babies and for reactive and fragrance allergic skins.

It is highly recommended for preventing pimples and skin eruptions, soothing rash and blemishes and boosting dry and damaged skins



Please consider that the herbs used for this product are originally grown and ethically wild crafted  based on the seasonal harvest mainly from Brittany and the Maritime Alps region, being  in perfect drying and storage conditions of packaging, Made with 100 % organically grown and ethically wild crafted plants


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Additional information

Weight 750 g


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