Flower Box “Small Cocoon”


The box small Cocoon is the must of my preparations to enhance immunity and protect the family in times of colds and germs. They are eaten both in prevention and immediate counterattack!


It includes:

1 herbal tea Everest (or winter) 25g to basis of Cassis, lime and poppy, to drink during the day or the night to take care of her throat and the respiratory system.
1 extract Protection winter 50ml (drinking drops diluted in water), rose hips and propolis – the preventive cure and attack as soon as the risk of infection arises.
1 scented oil Protection for the whole 30ml of Ravintsara based family to be applied along the spine (adults) and Arch (from 3 years) as an aromatic barrier protective and surrounded. This oil is perfect to protect themselves in public transit.

So the whole family is protected to spend the fall and winter… and in addition preparations feel so good!

All 100% natural and caring,

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Weight 262 g


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