Advent calendar 2022


2022 Advent Calendar with all must have fragrances and some new entries !

It includes 24 surprise products numbered from 1 to 24, for a pleasant olfactory and gustatory journey every single day.

Lavender, rose, mint, orange blossom, all prepared using wild organic grown plants.

Perfect for all family members.

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2022 Advent calendar contents & How to use :

  • 7 herbal tea bags (one is recommended for every tea-pot unit)
  • 6 items of 10ml Flower waters to be drunk in a delicious glass jar  ( 1,5l water for each unit)
  • 9 pure natural perfumes to be inhaled and used as perfumes, in an elegant 7,5ml air freshener glass bottle
  • 1 bag of locally grown and harvested lavender herb for home and  linen refreshing , wrapped in a soft organic cotton canvas pouch
  • 1 bag of Provencal cooking herbs, wrapped in a soft organic cotton canvas pouch

Totally produced in France, in the very heart of the Maritime Alps!

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