Honey soap bar – Savon de Marseille au miel


The original Marseille soap bar for adult and baby hygiene. For a silky smooth skin. Its honey scent combined with delicate lavender floral notes flares up senses.

Product details

  • 100 g soap bar


Beautifully customized for La Nouvelle Herboristerie, the honey soap bar is the perfect blend of high quality aromatic plants, for both beauty and health.

This all-natural bath product is a great way to keep your face and body skin smooth. Perfect for all skin types and babies.

How to use

Gently rub with soap, then rinse your face and body !

Additional products

Beautiful skin balm (Baume Belle-peau) allows fragile and delicate skin types  to fully and quickly  hydrate and restore after cleansing.

The here below listed beauty scented oils are daily treatments with therapeutic benefits : Inner strength oil (Huile Force intérieure), Firm body oil (Huile parfumée corps ferme), Silk skin body oil (Peau de pêche) and Love body oil (Huile Love).

Additional information

Weight 110 g


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