Magik Moskito – Magik Moustik


The only 100% natural insect repellent protecting the whole family.

Are you bitten by mosquitos ? The good news is that this all-natural bug killer can keep insects off you, your kids, your pets, and your garden !

100 % natural and organic, as a preventive action or as a relief to possible bites, Magik Moskito insect repellent is perfect for you and your kids, even your babies.

Product details

  • 100 ml spray cap glass bottle
  • 1 season product storage – ideally best in refrigerator for a cold temperature body applications


Magik Moustik protects you from the itchy, uncomfortable bites. Its fresh floral scent is a smart defence tactics to stop skeeters,  keeping these blood-sucking parasites away without killing them. But if you do get bitten, fear not,  Magik Moustik rapidly soothes your irritated and soaring skin.

How to use

Apply liberally on entire area to be protected and all around you. Product may be applied on skin, clothes (free clothing). Repeat application, as this is a nontoxic product and therefore more volatile.

Spray on insects bites for a soothing action.

Please avoid the eye and mouth area.


100% organically grown and ethically wild crafted herbs from protected area crops in the Alpes maritimes, the Alps, Corsica and Madagascar. Preservative free.

Chamaemelum Nobile, cymbopogon flexuous, Pélargonium roseum, Mentha spicata, lavandula spicata FL.waters, cymbopogon martini, lavandula angustifolia oils

Additional products

Apply the Kid’s Bruise Balm (Baume antichoc enfant) after the Magik Moskito Insect Repellent which can rapidly soothe your irritated and soaring insect bitten skin.

Additional information

Weight 215 g


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