Deep Breathing flower water


Lung cleanse flower water for breathing, irritated throat and vocal cord soothing. Crafted with the powerfully healing scented shoots and flowers of the main plants of South-East French areas, this Deep breathing flower water eases respiratory congestion, clearing the upper respiratory tract.

Perfect to be drunk on a daily basis, especially for those stressing their voice, such as singers, actors, broadcasters…and also regarding Covid follow ups.

Product details

  • 100 ml glass dropping bottle



How to use

Pour a tsp of Deep breathing flower water into a glass of water, and abundantly drink in any moment!

Recommended from 3 years of age on.


A blend of flower waters, noble bay-tree, wild lavender, hyssop, eucalyptus globulus

100% originally grown and ethically wild crafted organic plant blend. No added preservatives.

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Additional information

Weight 215 g
Choisissez une plante

Fleur d'oranger, Thym Sauvage, Menthe Poivrée, Lavande sauvage d'altitude


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