Flower Box “Total Detox”


It includes:

  • 1 metamorphosis 25g-herbal tea to drink during the day or evening.
  • 1 Water Purification floral, 100 ml (1 tablespoon in 1 l to 1.5 l of water each day for 10 days) to clean his body from the inside and regain energy.
  • 1 balm beautiful skin 30ml for use in body massage to moisturize the skin, repairs and hunt the blemishes. Without perfume nor allergenic substance, it is suitable for very sensitive, irritated and allergic.


BOX TOTAL DETOX is ideal for those wishing to clean their body in depth, to find lightness and tone. It is advisable and beneficial to regularly in the year of the depurative cures. This kit combines my best preparations to do so, and in addition they have a very good taste!

I selected these 3 products which gave great satisfaction to many people, men & women since I manufacture. Their use in synergy brings you increased and always welfare efficiency!

All 100% natural and caring,

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Weight 422 g


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