Digestive freshness


For all digestion based disorders, this product provides users with a delicate and pleasant taste after every meal, helping dangerous sweet craves prevention !

  • 100 ml glass bottle
  • Recommended for both adults and children.


Thanks to its scented blend of mint, lemongrass and sage, this synergy of elements can easily activate and stimulate a good digestion making you feel comfortable in your abdomen area. Best if consumed at the end of each meal.

Digestive Freshness is an all day drink, its aroma simply makes you feel the need of deep moisturizing. To be poured into water as a syrup (sugarless and with flower benefits!)… the perfect easy and useful alternative to dangerous sodas.

How to use

  • As a drink: pour 1 tea spoon into alarge glass of water 1 to 3 times per day.
  • Or pour 1 tbs into a large size fresh water bottle and drink for the day.

Best if kept in the refrigerator. Compliance with the instructions on dilution as indicated.


A blend of Sage, wild Fennel, Lemongrass from Grasse and pepper mint. Organically grown and ethically wild crafted herbs from the South of France.

100 % Flower waters. Preservative free.

Complementary products

Intestinal transit is sometimes slow due a highly intoxicated body, in such cases I highly recommend a  Purification based treatment.

For chronic digestion disorders, the  Système digestif (Digestion System) long-lasting treatment easily disinfects and raises the level of body comfort.

For herbal tea lovers, Lune de Landerneau (Landerneau Moon) and Graine de tisane ( Herbal tea seeds) are the most effective digestion boosters !

Additional information

Weight 215 g


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